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    Tried to search but couldn't find anything. Has anybody had the problem where if they plug there phone into a aux-in for a car stereo or use the hands free set that after they unplug it the phones still thinks it's hooked up. What happens is I will go to call somebody not using the hands free and the speaker won't work. I have plug in a headset thing and unplug it again to get the phone to let me use the regular speaker again. Hard to describe so I hope I didn't confuse anyone.
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    You need to actually stop the program you are using for music before pulling out the audio plug. If not it thinks it's still in there.
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    Cool good to know.
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    I had the same thing happen to me. Called Sprint and he said to plug in the adapter I was using and unplug it again and I watched the icon on the dialer change to appropriate icon & it fixed the problem.
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    Well sadly my launch day pre isn't prefect now . Its the same problem and I tried everything from reset to plugging unplugging...everything. Now just waiting for my replacement pre to come in. Hopefully its one of the newer models

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