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    Just wanted to see who has made their own ringtones and what are their favorites.

    Whatcha got??
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    I have a CD of Hanna-Barbera cartoon themes and sound effects. For my Centro, I used the Jetsons theme as my default ringtone and the Jetsons doorbell as my text message alert sound. I'll probably go back to using both when WebOS supports custom notification sounds. But I've got to give credit to the ringtone designer for the PrPrPr&#$275$; -- $the$ $built$-$in$ $ringtones$ $are$ $awfully$ $good$.
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    I've include three examples of mine in the zip.

    The one called bad_ring.mp3 is the intro to "Bad to the Bone", with some edits to make it speed up in tempo some, and just generall be more appropriate as a ring tone. It's what I use as my "unassigned" ring.

    The other two are also song snippets, but they deserve a little explanation.

    Several years ago, I got to playing around with some sound editing software to make some ringtones, and decided a voice add-on would be great. I poked around, and found this web site - AT&T Labs Text-to-Speech: Demo

    With a little experimentation, you can get some pretty decent voices out of it. I made a lot of ringtones for family and some friends using that over various song snippets. I've included two examples, one for my wife's ring, and one for one of my daughters.

    They frequenstly get people's attention. I often get questions like "how do you get your phone to recognize who's calling and talk to you like that?"
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    "God Loves a Drunk" by Richard Thompson. how can you not answer that call?
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    Mines the rap from Bon Qui Qui lol, i put it on Preload.
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    Seinfeld currently.

    Oh Yeah (Ferris Bueller).

    The Tick (cartoon).

    Knight Rider (The Hoff).

    Wifes tone is Wonder Woman (Live action tv show) which annoys her greatly.

    "It's me Mario" for Notifications.

    Charging Tone is "Okey Dokey" (Mario from Mario Kart)

    I have 300 ringtones so far. Really, way too much time on my hands.
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    Slick rick.hey young world....made wit gold wave LOUD.............
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    Mine is the beginning of "Beauty of annhiliation".. Which is the song you hear when you die on the nazi zombie map shi no numa from cod5
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    I have an MP3 of the 'Imperial March' from Star Wars. I'm loving it!
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    For my regular ringtone I have "Call Me" by Blondie (what could be better than that?

    For my wife, "You Are The Woman That I've Always Dreamed Of" by Firefall.

    For my son Wil, "It's My Will" by DC Talk. (I used to have "Here Comes the Sun (son)"!)
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    I'm using One Winged Angel symphony version by Nobuo Uematsu. I also have Aeris theme (symphony version) for when I need a more subdued ringtone. I loaded them after replaying FF7 on my PSP.
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    This is so obscure that I can be relatively guaranteed that nobody else has this ringtone. It's a segment from "Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds", an album that came out in the '70s and for some inexplicable reason was immensely popular around here. One segment always sounded like a telephone to me, and I would quickly remove my headsets to see, only to realize it was the music. So, this many years later, I decided to make a ringtone out of it.

    And yes, I'm that old.
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    I have a bunch of samples from MAME in my phone. I use the PacMan opening theme as my ringer and the chomp sound as my notification tone.
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    I made a ringtone using the intro to Jump Around by House of pain.
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    I just used one of the homebrew apps to change my "alert" sound from that annoying "ba-bum" to the opening bass figure of "Danger Zone" from Top Gun. That makes me happy.
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    My ringtone is an excerpt from the classic Star Trek fight music.
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    I have trimmed the dynamic, orchestral intro to "Fleurs du Mal" track from Sara Brightman's "Symphony" CD as my regular ringtone. Never heard anybody else using the same melody...
    BTW: I always use my MP3 collection as the source of ringtones: quick trim in Audacity, adding crescendo effect at the beginning and you have your favorite ringtone in 5 minutes.
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    I have the CTU phone system ring from the television series "24". I've had it for several years on my phones and never had anyone recognize it.
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    I have several already listed (Imperial death march excerpt as well as Kirk/Spock's fight song). I have a clip of Yoda saying "message from the dark side there is" when the misses calls.

    I also made a short clip of the walking man theme from Incredible Hulk. Just wish my Mac had a newer OS so I could download some of the homebrew apps to change the notifications.
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    I have a great sample from

    "Spitting out the demons" by Gorillaz

    The beginning bass.
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