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    The good the bad and the ugly, a fistfull of dollars, and the ecstasy of gold(opie and anthony theme at start of show) all by ennio morricone
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    Also tito and tarantula's after dark(snake dance from the movie from dusk till dawn)
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    regular ringtone is "baby got back", but I cut out the "becky" part, so it starts on "I like big butts..."

    some assigned to contacts:
    I'm too sexy
    james brown is dead
    join in the chant
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    I use the ringtone from CTU in 24. It is so perfect.
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    I like to attach some irony or humor to my assigned tones.
    not ready to make nice by dixie chicks for mom
    jamie's cryin' (as text tone thanks to txt mngr) for sister jamie
    american ***** by greenday for brother
    9 to 5 by dolly parton for employees
    take this job and shove it by johnny paycheck for bosses
    my give a damn's busted by jo dee messina as general text tone
    have more but these are pretty good
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