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    Hi I'm New, i just wanted to know how is this possible..
    I saw a bunch of youtubes running psx and snes etc. But none of them say where i can find the IPK files for my quick installer. Am i missing something ? is there another method and is it easy?

    thank you
    much appreciated!

    Great community / site by the way congrats.
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    I think that those are spoofs.

    My favorite YouTube Pre video is how the Pre is an X-Ray machine.

    At that link you can download the wallpaper to freak out your friends.

    Check out the Homebrew Gallery for what is really being developed.

    - Craig
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    You can do it but you have to access the linux core of the cant run any emulators in a card app or anything like that....yet...
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    How do you access the core?

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