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    This has happened to me quite often where my browser bookmarks thumbnails display the wrong website.... Why does this happen and how can I make it display the website it should be and stay that way??

    Example, ppcgeeks thumbnail is on the precentral bookmark so on and so fourth, sometimes it fixes itself but it gets annoying...
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    Yea that's happened to me a couple of times too, don't know why it happens either.
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    Has anyone had content from from different pages load at the same time.It happened to me maybe 3 r 4 times.For example once peaces of this page loaded in on the phonedog site in place of the flash content.I had to close the browser to fix it.Weird right?
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    Yeah both have happened to me. Don't how to fix yet tho.
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    The browser bookmarks occasionally update themselves. I think they show the wrong page say when you click one (ex precentral) then maybe you just read the stories on that page and hit back to get to your bookmarks again. Then lets say you tap facebook or something. Before it goes to it, it'll flash to the last page you had open (precentral) then jump to facebook. If you do this when they are doing their random updates, they seem to capture the image from the page you had loaded first so now you'd have a facebook bookmark with a precentral pic.

    Hope that makes sense and that seems to be the way I get it to reproduce the error/glitch/whatever you want to call it.
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    I believe it saves the last page you browsed after going to that bookmark... so if you have a precentral bookmark and click that, then surf from that page, the pic of the espn page will be on your precentral bookmark it's weird.

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