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    I thought I would chime in here because I just had this problem and remedied it.
    I think one of the possible causes is indeed moisture. For what its worth I live in a van and it got to 10F last night so some moisture condensed on my roof. This morning My volume rocker was rendered useless. It acted as if I was constantly pressing the lower volume portion of the rocker and wouldn't let me increase sound. Even if I changed the volume in the Sounds and Ringtones it would automatically start to vibrate and lower the volume until it was silent again. After reading this thread I took of the battery cover and blew onto the contacts of the rocker switch and everything seems to be working again. Looks like I'll need to keep my phone in my sleeping bag from now on :P
    I had the same issue when I dropped my Pre in the tub, until it dried out.

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    Same problem happened to me, and I suspect it was from sweat. I overdressed, went cycling with the phone stuffed between my snug cycling jersy and my forearm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    Did you try a Sprint store or just over the phone?
    "I took it to the sprint store"
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    Thanks for posting this because I was about to do an EPR. Never would of thought that it was a stuck up volume button. I was a non believer and thought it was a patch, I've been removing and adding back patches for the last 2 1/2 weeks. Glad that I checked here. Thanks again.

    I opened the cover, blew out any dust and used a pin to clear some dirt restarted and it's back to normal.
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