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    So I just replaced my pre, and I started modding and adding my homebrew apps when I wanted I decided that I wanted to delete an app. When I click on ANY app while holding the orange button the info card freezes. I can minimize the launcher but if I bring it back up, the icons are still grayed out and the info card remains half on the screen.

    I performed the following scripted mods:

    add/delete pages
    enable roam
    enable call duration
    enable time stamp

    Does anyone have recommendations to fix this problem?
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    Did you root your Pre?
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    i did
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    Is this common?
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    Did you backup the stock files before you modified them? If not, then you will have to replace them from copies in the WebOS Doctor .jar by extracting them via WinRAR (or 7-Zip).

    If you don't know how to do that, then I would recommend just running WebOS Doctor unless you don't mind that minor bug on your conscience.

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    has anyone else encountered this problem after performing one of the above mods from d2globalinc scripts?

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