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    You expected Sprint customer service to fix a signal issue?
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    Like Duboisia said, I think this is a line of sight issue. Outside my Pre gets a great signal around Chicago. But as soon as there is anything blocking a direct path to the tower, like the walls of my apartment, signal strength decreases much faster than with any other phone I've had.
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    I agree there are plenty of threads on here already about signal is your friend!

    Just to add if its in your house, hit up account services and get yourself an airave, worked for me, solved my in home signal issues ...

    As for out and about town I do also agree the service is very weak with the Pre in certain areas! I live in a city where there are approx. 8 towers within a 5 mi radius of my house but the dreaded "umbrella effect" always comes up and whether that is a factor has yet to be determined ....

    But i will say this my old phone was the centro and i rarely had no service, only upstate at a family members but with the Pre i have seen more no service x's than i am used to driving around....

    I expect Sprint to push out eventually some kind of update to sync the Pre with towers more so than it is now, or at least I hope, .... the good news is i see more towers going up so hopefully that will help ...

    Any opinions on whether or not it could be a tower upgrade compatibility issue (3g to 4g towers?) and that the pre is in lingo right now?

    Whats interesting is if you think about it, my old old phones with the retractable antenna got better service than these new internal antennas ever did, although my centro not to repeat had pretty flawless service!
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