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    Have had the Pre for a week and I am loving it so far. Came from the Touch Pro
    and this thing is amazing. Been lurking on here so I thought I might as well post.

    Liking everything about the phone so far. Hoped the battery like would be a little better and really don't understand why they didn't throw a soft keyboard in there. Spent about 15minutes trying to get it to come up LOL before I realized there wasn't one. Other than that this thing is a keeper.
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    Hi, Welcome to the Pre club! Like many posters have already said, the battery *should* get better with time. Have you tried the homebrew apps yet? There are a lot of great ones out there. Have fun exploring your new Pre!
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    My Batt has been getting better with consistent charges. I went From a Treo 700 (Which I hated...) to this. Been a great Purchase thus far.
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    Give it a couple of weeks and your battery will get better.
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    You know what, now that you mention it, it has seemed to get better. Second day it died pretty quickly but now I am almost making it to bedtime.
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    Still think it should have come with a soft keyboard but hey I willing to live with since everything else works so darn great. Used it on the boat this weekend hooked up to pandora the whole time aux-in to the deck. Was awesome! Poor boat Ipod felt neglected.

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