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    Don't forget all the wonderful souls who loudly proclaim,

    "We need to start a Class(less) Action Lawsuit!!! WHO'S WITH ME!?!"

    Pre2/3/TouchPad, and TouchDroid user.
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    I can't believe we don't have one yet for "I bought the EVO on day one and I haven't looked back (but I keep trolling here because I'm insecure about my decision"

    We also need a template for "my contract is up in sept ember and I'm sick of waiting for Palm to replace this horrible hardware.

    And then we need the response that I always give, "I like my Pre, it meets my needs better than anything else on the market, and I don't think the hardware is out dated..."
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    tsnum4 LOL! I have returned the favor, I just had to bump it, because this post had me completely cracking up, yesterday.

    I, for one, didn't buy my Pre blind. Several of my friends have them, so I got information from people who are using it everyday. Then, I found this site and did more research, so I was definitely making an informed decision, when I hit Ebay to pick one up.

    Workerb33, I agree with your additions as well and totally support your reply on the Pre!

    I finally have a phone that does exactly what I need and want it to do and I am certain I will be hanging on to it for another year, at least. I don't care if some of the functionality I needed required homebrew to accomplish. I think anyone who has been a cell phone user for a long time has had phones in the past that were not smartphones and such options were not available. You were just stuck with whatever they did throw in the phone for features and had no way to change it!

    I think more people need to think of that, before they start complaining that a certain phone model is missing some feature/function, or other. At least now, in 2010, you can do a little fancy footwork and change that!!!
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