Looking at PALM's stock on google finance (why is it going down?!?!), I came across these 2 articles.. some interesting reads!

Nice article in advance of the Canadian release of the Pre.. nbbusinessjournal.com - iPhone killer? No, but Palm Pre is one smart phone | Marc Saltzman - Breaking News, New Brunswick, Canada ..
Their biggest complaints are the small keyboard (compared to a blackberry), Bell's EVDO network, and Battery life... while I can't talk about Bell's network, I have no issues with the keyboard at all... as far as battery life, it's nothing a spare battery can't take care of!!! Net net, the article states: "If you can get past these shortcomings, the Palm Pre is one smart smartphone that has a lot going for it - and Apple, which isn't without its share of iPhone issues, shouldn't become too complacent with innovative devices like this nipping at its heels."

Of course, the next article in the list on Google Finance is Why You Need to Buy Apple (AAPL) and Sell Palm (Palm) Short | Jutia Group which does have some very valid points, but is clearly a Pro-Apple / Anti-Palm article that ignores the good about the Pre and focuses just on the negative reviews and analysts... why can't both companies survive in the same market?