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    I know this is cardinal sin but I need to keep track of a lot of bank account #'s, passwords, and other sensitive data. I know keeping this type of info in a phone is foolish in case it was ever stolen but I'm exploring my options. Is there any way to password protect or encrypt a memo or some other type of file in the Pre so that if it did get lost/stolen it would be at least a little difficult for a thief to see my info.

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    What we need is KeePass ported to the Pre
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    hehehhe... a pseudo advanced feature out of the box...hahahahaha. this is a palm pre sir we put the b in basic here.
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    I know SOMEONE here can make a Password app like on the blackberry.
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    SplashID in the app catalog will do this.
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    I'm working on a password app right now. It's pretty much a reimplementation of the old PalmOS gnukeyring app. I should have an 0.0.1 release in a few days.

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