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    Is there any way to disable "Most contacted" contacts in Google contacts as I don't want those in my pre contact list. It's totally messing up my contact list on my pre. If it's not possible is it possible to use Yahoo contacts instead, while still keeping the calendar linked to Google?

    I just got the pre and like a lot about it compared to my 650 but there are some things that drive me crazy. Like why can't I categorize or "tag" my contacts?
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    I'm not sure about whether the Pre's Contacts application can use Yahoo's address book, but I do know that you don't have to have the same google account in both your Pre's calendar app and the contacts app. For example, having read about the Contact app pulling down every contact you've ever responded/written to in your google email account, I created a separate google account with just the contacts that I want, and use that in my Pre's Contacts app, while my calendar is still plugged into my normal google account/calendar. (and I've removed my normal Google account from the Pre's Contacts app.)
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    What do you mean when you say it's "messing up" your Contact list?
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    Interesting, I guess I could create a new google account for the pre, maybe that's the way to go, thanks.

    It's messing up my contact list by listing contacts who I will never contact, and in fact are just email addresses anyway. I purged my google contacts but the 'most contacted' part keeps getting filled up as I have no control over that.
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    I think that's something that google has to fix; allow us the option of saving those emails or not.
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    Why don't you try one of the homebrews for contact sorting/grouping? Might work for you.

    Also, Pre does not support Yahoo contacts.
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