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    i was wondering if there will be an app for aim that will be a clean normal running aim messenger app. so when i am logged in i get notification when someone send me messeges, unlike meebo which is ok for now.

    i also would like msn messenger app.

    or best of all, bb messenger
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    AIM is already integrated to your messaging app... you just need to set up your account info.
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    Who still uses AIM?
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    The built in AIM app is a know battery killer. It does not seem to be an issue with Gtalk though. I understand the request. After a bit of digging I have figured out how to see my AIM contacts in Gtalk -- a bit tricky.

    This might help as a starter: Connect Google Talk to AIM, MSN, & Yahoo
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    Yeah i was about to say that. I was accidently logged into gmail on my Pre and didn't notice it.....i was confused caused i heard IM is a battery killer, but mine really wasn't much different than my blackberry having IM signed in (meaning, yes, it was using a bit more juice but nothing unexpected).

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