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    I was wondering If I install the homebrew apps, and later I have to take it to the store to get replaced (for any reason). My question is: if a reset my cell phone after everything s been installed, is it gonna come back to normal?. In other words if I want my cell phone to be the way it was before I installed the H. apps, I am gonna have trouble with it?

    thanks,, Im new in this community......
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    I had to reset mine using WebOS Doctor, pretty much samething as you would get a new phone cause after the reset i had to activated the phone all over again. Homebrew apps, music, pictures, were deleted. But if you register with the same Palm Profile, you will get your contacts, emails boxes, and apps that you downloaded from the app store back.

    You will have to root your pre all over again.

    Hope that answered your question.

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