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    I got my refurb'd pre a few days ago, and the current unresolved issues I'm having notwithstanding, I can't seem to remember the web app working...I think it might have worked when I first updated it to the 1.1, but it isn't working now. When i tap the web icon, it glows for about 5 seconds, then it dims, as if I hadn't selected anything. If I Orange + tap the web icon, it attempts to load the info box, but it stops halfway and freezes the launcher...

    What do I do? I've erased the device...and still nothing...I'm already updated to the latest OS... With any other device, I'd reinstall the OS, firmware, software, whatever. How would I go about "restoring" this device? No other software issues like my original device had.
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    Search for webOS Doctor.... It will reinstall the OS back to factory setting. As far as I can remember to clearly but I think it takes your phone back to 1.0.3v. You'll have to runn the update for 1.1.0 again.
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    Thanks a ton...I think that's what I'm looking for!
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    WebOS Doctor should help. Try that.

    TWC just beat me to it...hahaha. good luck buddy.
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    Hurray! I've run WebOS doctor now I get the "you need to be connected to your wireless service provider's network to sign in. Move into a wireless service area and try again." I always have coverage here. I called tech support he said I should have coverage. I signed into my palm profile 3 times this week in this exact spot, with no issues...anybody have any suggestions? Or am I screwed?
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    will running webos doctor again make any difference, or was it everyone's intent to leave me with a phone that's completely nonfunctional? (exausted sarcasm)
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    Yeah_ we all got together and decided to leave you hanging, since you're enjoying the sarcasm game...

    Have you, by any chance, called Sprint tech support?
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    FYI, it didn't work...running WebOS Doctor again. I think all I need to do is a simple ##RTN# reset, but the guy earlier wouldn't give me my MSL unless I was on another phone? I said, can you just tell me what to do and if it works I'll call you back? He says, I could, but if it doesn't, then we wouldn't be able to reach you. So? That's right where I'd be right now...and I am. Luckily for me, Sprint Tech Support closes at 2:00 AM CDT, which was 5 minutes after I placed my first call concerning this Palm Profile/coverage issue. Now I can't do anything else with it, and I have to work early in the morning. I won't have time to call before work, which means I get to go the whole workday without a phone...which is kind of vital to my job. I suppose I deserved this, for something I've done in the past.

    Thanks everyone for your love and support through these trying times. I guess I'm going to go to bed.

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