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    I just recently downloaded classic. One cool feature is the onscreen dpad. Do you think an onscreen dpad would be a good idea when using webos? It can be a menu option and popup like the notifications. I found the dpad handy when trying to move the cursor to a certain spot.

    If Palm would include this in an update they wouldn't have to worry about spending extra money changing the pre design or making the center button a trackball. Again if they were planning on going that route.
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    I wouldn't want it personally. You can already move the cursor in text by pressing and holding the orange button and moving your finger around on the screen.

    I kinda missed the dpad when I first got the Pre, but now I'm used to not having it, and don't find that there's anything I need it for. Dragging the screen to scroll is better, tapping to select is better, and orange button or shift to manipulate text is almost as good.
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    Making the nipple should the D-Pad would make this phone so much more usable.

    And as for combo button/swipes for Copy/Paste, I'd like to see video of someone that can do it perfectly. Every time i see an attempt at using it the cursor goes everywhere, commands don't always register and the user is better off just manually retyping the sentence they're copying.
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    Sometimes position the cursor isn't accurate. Also most time when trying to hold orange/shift key to select text or copy/paste I find myself running out of screen room. So I have to swipe several times. Maybe if moving cursor/selecting text was available in landscape that would be great.

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