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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyBiggles View Post
    I think a better title for this thread would be "What prevents you from using your Computer exclusively over the Palm Pre?"

    For me THAT would be getting out of bed & waiting 5 minutes for my PC to boot up completely to hit the web... or to watch a movie in bed... bathroom browsing (yeah i said it)... sudden outdoor web access (can't take the computer with me even if only for a moment outside).... can't take my PC to work... etc.
    What kind of specs do you have? My computer's average boot time is 38 seconds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by THAANSA3 View Post
    What kind of specs do you have? My computer's average boot time is 38 seconds.
    Well, I have a ridiculous amount of programs installed on my computer so I think the more you have the longer it takes to initialize them at startup. That time might be a little exaggerated too.. Just seems like a long But itz still not as fast as turning my phone on since I don't leave my pc running 24/7
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    The things that are limiting my Pre usage right now are:

    - lacking spellcheck/iphone like autocorrect
    - lack of the ability to copy and paste anything, anywhere.
    - lack of real universal search (including email)
    - lack of the ability to download any type of file
    - cant open links in a new page
    - pitiful battery life. :thumbsdown:
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    I'm a writer. No way I can get my writing done on the Pre, but I can do just about everything else on it.
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    There is no world of warcraft client for the pre.
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    Flash, Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, OpenOffice editing capabilities, more memory to have more apps open simultaneously, ability to print, create music playlists, Skype, and view non-youtube videos.
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    Screen size! I think many of the navigational problems would decrease if the screen was bigger so there was more room to manuever.

    That said, I have definitely been using my computer less just to get on the web and just using the Pre.

    Being me has its advantages.

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    I think this is intersting to me. Because, in the next few years - we may see something like this actually occur, IMHO. Even so, we're still a few years out.

    But, I think you will have a portable device, with convergence of technologies, and be powerful enough to play high end games, crunch large databases, and hold all your media.

    Then, when you get home, this portable device instantly works with your large keyboard, mouse, and 50" display. So, those peripherals act as a terminal port. There may also be terminal ports in places like Starbucks, etc. at your office, etc.

    There will also be some interesting breakthroughs in folding displays - so you can unfold your device for a slightly larger screen realestate if needed.

    Oh well - I love to dream...
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    About 10 more inches of screen.
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    Well, my laptop boots from hibernate in 10 seconds so it's definitely not that. And my Media/Gaming PC is always kept in standby.

    The reasons I still use the laptop- tablet/pen entry, plus opening a ton of multiple tabs for web-browsing.

    Reasons I still use the Media/Gaming PC are for gaming and media of course (can't record live TV on the Pre ).

    However, the more telling thing is that I'm using my laptop a lot less these days. Web browsing is still done on the laptop when I'm home but mostly everything else is on the Pre. I've used my smartphones almost exclusively for email for years now, but now I only use the Pre for IM as well.
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    To those of you who said having a full keyboard or monitor is the reason... would you consider using your Pre or other webOS device exclusively as a computer if Palm released a dock that would effectively work like a laptop dock, such that it has:
    a) VGA/DVI out
    b) USB connections for mouse/keyboard
    c) Capability to use usb external hard drives

    Maybe not the Pre, but I could easily see a future webOS device doing this. You would effectively have your computer on you 24/7, and I think that's pretty exciting.
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    I rarely use my PC now. I'll use it when I need to continue work I brought from the office, or edit and post some photos from my regular camera.

    Pre for everything else. I like that with the Pre I avoid aimless web surfing in front of the computer and instead do it as I need to or while waiting for something.
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