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    So, i was working today and a guy with the same phone as mine (Pre, obviously) was talking about how this one guy wants a straight trade between his Pre and the other guy's iPhone 3G (8gb). Obviously, personal preference comes into play here, but from hardware they are very similar.

    Now, I'm wondering how he can trade. The phone needs a Palm profile to function, so even if the guy got a new Pre afterwards for $100, how would he deactivate his phone without terminating his line? I recently have gotten into cell phones so please forgive me if there is an obvious answer here.
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    You can call Sprint and request the MSL (if you tell them you're doing a hard reset) then dial ##786# from the dialer app, touch reset, then enter the MSL when prompted. This will remove the provisioning data from the device and make it like it was out of the box.

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