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    I tried invisible skin. It was not invisible, had the orange peel and did not like the cut on the corners. Tried Best Skins Ever, it was a little better especially the corner cuts but after a while the corners lifted up. They both had a rubbery feel. Next boxwave something crystal. It felt the best to the touch but the corners were kinda sharp because of the flush screen on the pre.

    So I did decided to go naked and I am surprised how scratch resistant the pre is. I swear I think the olilyness helps to keep it from scratches.

    So i think the best skin is no skin if you promise not t drop it. Careful getting out of the car
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    Yea I ended up going with just a regular Screensaver from E-bay and then a Skin_it on the back of my Touchstone back it seems to work very well for me.
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    no skin ftw
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    Well I was going the no-skin route for a while until I discovered a few scuffs on the edges. I agree the plastic is relatively scratch proof but it's only a matter of time. I went with phantom skinz as a result and have been very pleased. Scratches and scuffs magically disappear after a while.
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    Naked Pre rules!
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    I've never understood the appeal of skins. I consider myself to be pretty anal, and yet a few scuff marks and scratches don't bother me at all. I guess if you're going to toss the phone into a purse or the same pocket as your keys, a protective skin might make sense.
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    Was using BSE, but the corners got kind of skeevy. Then went with an innocase surface with USG. One of the tabs broke off so now I'm mostly naked (just an USG) and I have to say I'm happy being naked. I think that the initial over-protectiveness of a new gadget had me going for a while. So while I wait for my replacement innocase I'll be contemplating remaining a nudist.
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    Naked pre here

    No scratches whatsoever
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    I have a phantomskinz because i put my phone in the same pocket as my car keys. Like mentioned above, in the rare event your skin gets scratched, the scratch will magically disappear in a few hours. LOVE IT!
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    More phantom skinz love. Its the same as almost naked and my pre keeps its shinyness longer.
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    Cell Phone Screen Protectors, Invisible Protection Skins & Screen Covers | . by far the very best and it is like having nothing on the phone, it is that clear . BLOWS awat all others and trust me I have tried them ALL
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    Anybody using bodyguardz? I bought some but im waiting till i fix my pre to put it on. Did i make a good choice?
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    I tried Invisible Shield and Best Skins Ever. I didn't like either. I use Ghost Armor (over the screen only, not the back) and am very happy with it. I don't worry about throwing the Pre in my pocket, in a bag or whatever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ranzchic View Post
    More phantom skinz love. Its the same as almost naked and my pre keeps its shinyness longer.
    I took my hard case off because it infringes on my top row of keys, however, the case seems to make the pre feel more solid, so I put it back on.

    Never noticed any wobble while the case was on, once I removed it very slight wobble. so i put it back on.

    i kinda want my pre to die, but i'm waiting for palm to continue to pre hardware improvements, and then I'll go naked...

    I do like the look better, but the thinness of the back case makes it creak. I think the touchstone back might be thicker and change this.
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    I'm using Phantom Skins. Damn near crystal clear
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    agreed. No skin here also
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    Naked as the day it squirted free from the box. So smooth on my face ;-)
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    Babied my Pre naked for 2 months. Ended up w/a few scratchs on the screen. I've never used a skin before but wish I did now. "Luckily" I smashed my Pre & had to get it replaced. Got new one & slapped an Invisible Shield on it & I couldn't be happier. Naked Pre rocked, until the random scratches, & now I'm happy w/Invisible Shield.

    To each his own. Enjoy whatever works for you!
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    Naked Pre here also, just shy of two months with no scratches. Granted I keep the Pre in its pouch when carrying it around since I think the Pre is most likely to get scratched in a pocket when the pocket fabric is constantly rubbing against the screen.

    I tried Invisible Shield and I didn't like feel of the skin or how it dulled the display.
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    either phantom skinz or ghost-armors. You cant even tell either one are on there.
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