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    I'm using ghost skinz and the seido innocase. Had to cut the skin down a bit to make it fit better but it works great
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    Naked pre with original "sleeping bag" when it's in my pocket
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    can you guys post up some pics or links to pics of your skinned Pre?

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    My pre has been a nudist since day 1 and proud of it! It has no problem flaunting it's stuff either! Though it does like to curl up in it's sleeping bag once in awhile.
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    Mine's been naked, however it may not be for much longer. After spending a couple of hours in my pocket with my (go figure) iPod nano it developed a wicked spot of superfine scuff marks right in the middle of the screen. Which is way more annoying than a few little scratches. Its the kind of ware I'd expect to see after months of pocket time not hours Anyone had a problem with scuffing? Any polishing products that work well, or tips? I might head down to the local high end sunglass store, see if they have any suggestions. Then I'm thinking about putting on an invisibleshield.
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    I'm on my third screen guard, the 1st covered the mic and muted my voice during calls, the second had a mic cut-out, but it was in the wrong corner of the phone, the third was a little more expensive but is the official 02 version (02 are the exclusive service provider for the Palm Pre here in the UK, I guess our version of your Sprint?).

    The screen from 02 is excellent, it's a perfect fit and hardly visible!

    I still carry the phone in the original sleeping bag, or the official leather slip I purchased. The reason I want a guard is for the long-term protection it offers; I plan to hold on to this phone for 18-months - in that time I have no doubt that there'll come a time that I'll be thankful for having a guard fitted.

    Finally, come sale time, I can promote the fact the screen has been under guard since day 1.
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