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    Is there a way to send a wake up packet to a computer on my LAN? Thanks.
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    It's been over a year. Did you ever find a solution? If you're looking to wake on lan (not wake on wan), there's an app in preware called Wake-on-LAN that works.

    Anyone know of a way to wake on wan using the pre?
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    Ask and you shall receive
    Wake On Lan -
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    Check out the Wake-on-LAN app.. must be in Preware or one of the webosinternals feeds...

    Honestly, I haven't had much success with it, primarily because my new desktop isn't a light sleeper. Until I get a BIOS update or newer LAN driver maybe...
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    The Wake-On-LAN app always worked for me. Although I should contact the owner in requesting to make it hybrid because the service that's needed with it runs on Java. Make sure you have the app AND the service to make it work.

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