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    This is an Engrish speaking forum correct?? lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by GLawson View Post
    OK, sorry, Cornerstone is the name of a local bar. The TOUCHSTONE charger is properly plugged in and my (correct) phone back cover adheres fine to the charger and the phone gets very warm when affixed but you can still watch the amount of the charge go down - maybe a percent every 1-2 minutes. It is plugged in to an outlet - not a USB. Cable is the one supplied with the phone.
    My touchstone never gets hot, it probably means something is wrong with your phone backcover.
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    It does ding ding and display the charging symbol
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    Quote Originally Posted by zedomax View Post
    My touchstone never gets hot, it probably means something is wrong with your phone backcover.
    My Touchstone shares the heat, and does get pretty warm. It doesnt get hot enough to worry me (I can touch either the Pre or the Touchstone) though.

    Its it getting too hot to touch?
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    Not too hot to touch - just warm
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    Okay, another dumb question but is there anything running (i.e. Pandora, etc). Have you logged out of the IM client? Rebooted the phone?
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    I have 2 palm pre's (one for my spouse) and 2 touchstones and I have noticed that my 1st pre always sits just right on either touchstone and will charge properly as soon as i set it down. My wife's pre though will charge just fine on only one of the touchstones, and on the other one I have to really pay attention to exactly how I set it down on the 2nd touchstone, i.e. a mm up or down and the phone will keep dinging that is charging, then isn't charging, then charging point being, are you by any chance seeing this effect where when you set it down on the charger it keeps switching back and forth between charging and not charging? If so you may want to slightly shift it on the charger so it lines up exactly. I think this is a defect with my 2nd touchstone as both phones work fine on the 1st one, and I am going to replace it shortly, but just want to mention this as a possible cause.
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    ive seen a couple come in for exchange, same problems you were describing and it ended up being a bad battery door.
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    NO IM (or Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) or other app working. Phone seats fine on the TS and charging icon appears along with the beep-beep. Tried rebooting (thanks for inst on how to do that). STILL losing charge. I'm going to trade in in at the Sprint store today and hope I had a defective TS.
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    My touch stone is only a couple/few weeks old and has begun giving me problems. I used to be able to just throw my pre on it and it would charge. Now i have to set it on it, let the magnets connet then wiggle it around until it starts charging. It's a huge pain in the ***. Not sure if it's the phone or the touchstone.
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    Two general suggestions for wonky Touchstones:

    (1) Make sure the connector is securely seated, especially if you bought one of the Seido Pre chargers to plug into the TS. (You have to sand down the Seido plug to fit, so check the connector for loose plastic dust too.)

    (2) Try using a surge protector with the Touchstone charger. I have 2 Touchstones. My home TS is always plugged into a surge protector powerstrip. At first, my work TS was plugged directly into a power outlet. This TS would frequently go through ding-ding charging loops before I started using a surge protector with it. I've had no problems since then. My theory is that the charging sensor in the Pre could be very sensitive to fluctuations in current.
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    Problem now solved - traded in the TS at the Sprint store (after a little hassel from the mgr. even thought he watched it discharge). It is charging a percent or two every 2-3 minutes (same rate it was DIScharging before). Mgr would not give me a new back but, luckily, that was not the problem.
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    Glad you were able to get a replacement and solve the problem. Sometimes you just get a bad piece of equipment. It happens.
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    leave me alone haha we all make typos once n a while
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trekker View Post
    Wonder what Freud would make of that?
    Hahaahha, I'm sorry, but this thread just made my morning
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    Quote Originally Posted by GLawson View Post
    My Pre loses charge when hooked to the Cornerstone. If I let it charge overnight, I have a dead battery (or very close). any ideas?
    After reading your post and thinking about my own Touchstone and how hot the phone gets on it, I dug out the Touchstone box and discovered I had been duped. I bought a Torchstone instead!
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    Just have to wonder????

    Did they give you a new Touchstone or a new Cornerstone unit?

    Where can I get one of those Cornerstone units? They must be the newest, and I have to have one of those

    (sorry couldn't pass up a cheap, allready over used joke)
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