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    Don't know how I managed this but my web icon doesn't work. If I use Uni Search and type in "Web" still no go. How do I fix this one. sheeeeesh
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    Try rebooting the Pre, by press and hold of the Orange Button, Sym and the 'R' key......

    A reboot usually cures most issues....

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    If you just enabled the downloading of links thru the installer undo it and it should fix your problem.
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    The above fix is correct. I had the same problem yesterday, worked like a charm. But curious, is the downloading in web fixed?
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    That did it. I was freakin out... LOL
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    If you only install that one hack with no others I believe that it works, also make sure that the phone is not in dev mode. ....No problem PreDonT I thought I had broken my phone to and was dreading the trip to the sprint store then I just uninstalled everything that I had done that day and that fixed it.
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    Same thing happened to me. That hack doesn't seem to work.
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    Same thing happen to me friday. Sprint Store replaced it.

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    Happened to me too, and responded just to a restart.
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    Yesterday (8-22-09) my web was coming on upside down. It drove me crazy- I didn't reboot, but 10 min later it corrected itself. I wonder if there is a bug in the app. It hasn't done that again- but now I make it a point to open the app just because...

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