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    I just put filecoaster on my pre last night and I really love homebrew apps. My only problem is I need to exchange my pre. Will filecoaster and all my homebrew apps move over to my new pre with the palm profile, or will I have to start over again? Anyone done it before?
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    No, they won't travel with the phone. Backing up to Palm will restore your contacts and any official apps, but nothing Homebrew.

    I had the same problem, and someone suggested I hook the Pre up to my PC and transfer all my Homebrew apps to QuickInstall, then re-install them all at once when I get the new phone. I didn't get home in time to try that, though, before I had to exchange mine. And even if you do that, you have to get Dev mode on before you can get fileCoaster back on, etc...

    There's no quick-and-easy way to do it that I know of. It took me about 2 hours to get my new Pre in the shape my old one was, and now I have to exchange THAT one. (The proximity sensor and/or ambient light sensor don't work.) So I'll have to go through all of that again. I'm hoping my next one is a newer model and everything works so I don't have to go through it a third time!

    Good luck!
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    Wow that's really sucks. I love the phone but the build quality just isn't good. Thanks though!

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