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    Reading the forums here, it seems that many people would like some additioal features in the "Tasks" application (synching w/google, the pre calendar, etc.). However, I think it should also be possible to make the application simpler.

    For those of us who just like to use Tasks to list a few things to remember to do, it's a pain to have to choose from a menu of lists every time we open the application. I want to click on my Tasks icon, and immediately see my list of things to do--not open Tasks and have to choose from a list of task lists every time. This is quite an annoying waste of time in a process that should be as quick and easy as possible.

    I hope that future updates provide an option so that users can tell Tasks to display a main/default list of things to do whenever Tasks is opened.
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    Agreed. If there is only one list then it should open that list by default. You could leave the tasks app open, then tapping the icon brings up whatever list you leave open.

    I quit using tasks and just use memos to keep my to do lists. I find it easier to use and I can see a lot more info on the screen at once.
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    Yeah. I don't use multiple lists so I find it to be overcomplicared so I don't use it.

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