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    Not sure if this has been covered yet. (did a quick search to no avail). Anyone know how to hang up only ONE call when this happens? had a friend call me while i was in the middle of a conversation; when I was finished and ready to go back to my original call, there was no way to hang up only ONE of the calls. Only gave me the option of hanging up both calls.

    My bad if this has been extensively covered already. A quick answer will suffice.
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    Its not possible.
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    To hang-up one person when you have two lines connected: I found the answer to this on another thread in these forums, but can’t remember where, so I’ll paraphrase. Notice the Red “End All Calls.” Tap that to hang up all calls, but have the one you want to continue talking to on “hold” status. The Sprint Backend will ring that call back to your phone. If the caller on hold was a Sprint network number, the Caller ID will show who is ringing back, otherwise it will be an “Unknown Number”, answer it and the other person had no clue you just hung up on them. Clear as mud?

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