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    Can someone confirm whether Touchstone kit can be powered through the palm vehicle power charger and that the device charges fine? I read the Palm Pre user guide and it specifically stated the following...

    You can also charge your phone battery by connecting your phone to your
    computer using the USB cable. Charging this way takes much longer than
    using the AC charger. Do not, however, connect the PalmŪ TouchstoneTM
    charging dock (sold separately) to your computer

    Just want to confirm the above before placing my order. Palm Pre Touchstone Charging Dock: Cell Phones & Service Palm Vehicle Power Charger for Palm Pre: Cell Phones & Service

    I already have the touchstone cover.

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    The only car charger and TS I can confirm is the Palm oem car charger and TS.
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    There's a pretty substantial thread on this already:
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbg7474 View Post
    There's a pretty substantial thread on this already:
    Thanks for the info

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