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    Phone 2 days old.
    Rooted. Homebrewed. New theme. Carrier Text changed. Battery % addition. And bunches of patches applied....etc. LOVING my Pre.

    But ever since the Pre got activated and ported my old number number works finely, but inside the Device Info showed the wrong phone number. And also Sprint TV doesnt launch. Hence the phone call to Sprint Customer Service this morning...after talking to 4 different guys, the last guy prompted me to reset the phone, the FULL ERASE reset...but after that..nothing happened..supposedly the phone should ask me to activate the phone as if i got it for the first time...but connection still works...but i lost music and pictures and big deal right? them back.
    So i went and applied another batch...and after reboot...i lost everything again.
    So i everything back again...but this time i went and reboot the phone right after...and of course...I lost everything again...DAMN!!!

    What gives?

    Should i reset the phone using WebOS Doctor?

    Any suggestions would help. Thx.
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    If your okay with working from scratch I suppose it would not hurt. That is something I have never run into before.
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    Yes, I would and have used it. It is very easy except you have to redo all your mods....good luck!

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