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    Same here. They have had it in their phone before as standard. I doubt they would ask a dime. PAlm is trying to gain market share back from Apple and BlackBerry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Urkel View Post
    iPhone didn't have video until this year. (I know thats totally unrelated but I'm learning to think like an apologist and excusing every missing feature with a slam on the iPhone)

    Video will definitely be a feature, but my concern is if the phone is going to be able to handle it. Taking pictures is already a slow and lagging task so will the OS be optimized enough that video won't bring everything to a crawl?
    Taking your Pre out of Dev Mode will speed it up dramatically.
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    Any update on the palm pre video camera app? what's the delay? please provide feedback/request to palm so that we can all get this app sooner...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bitnasty View Post
    it will never happen!
    bitnasty. youve posted 3 times in a month all saying the pre is gonna fail....i smell a troll....
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    iPhone Video Recorder - DreamCatcher Official Site

    How The Hell Did The iPhone Get Video Recording Ability???? :_0
    Hi Everybody!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by osirus View Post

    How The Hell Did The iPhone Get Video Recording Ability???? :_0
    It came with the last iPhone OS release...old news.
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    but even the first iphone was capable which apple lied about. thanks to the homebrewing community it was possible just like with our group great things will come in time.
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