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    So I use iTunes to sync my music to my Pre. When I synced my music (bout 900 songs) I was able to play some songs just fine. But some albums/ songs when I played them just didnt play

    For example, I click on a song within an album, it will skip to the next song, and to the next one, next one etc. until it reaches the first song in the album. Any one else experience this?
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    I don't know if this is the case or not since I don't use iTunes, but maybe it can't play the songs that have drm?
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    mine is doing the same thing, it will play a few songs, but some songs, once you click em it will skip then and then they will be lighter text as well in the song list
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    no idea if this is related to your issue but i've noticed in itunes that if you create a playlist with say ten songs. then move or rename songs 4 2 through 9 the entries will remain but the when you play the playlist it will skip from song one and skip all the way through to song 10. Maybe somehow it's copying the entry but not the actual song file since it wouldn't be there. I've had that happen on my ipod when somehow i deleted a podcast file but not inside of itunes so the entry remained. When i copied the podcast somehow it copyed the tag info and no file so in my ipod i hit play and it just went one by one down the list until it hit an actual entry with an actual file.

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