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    #21 mean this is like the huge plastic phone I have at home that you can call people and they mumble about some bill I owe them?..........see there you go Sprint lied to me again, I knew it them morons at the store had no idea about this feature..I was told this was a hand-held browser thingy then something about a cloud calendar, contacts, electronic Rolodex and a texting device........thanks to this forum I learnt something today.
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    wow this person was home schooled, or Amish. not sure which?
    Open source is a beautiful thing
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    Quote Originally Posted by iclimb513 View Post
    And it sounds like you are either

    A) A judgmental ******
    B) REALLY needy
    C) Someone who has to call his boyfriend every 10 minutes to ask him about his feelings.

    I'm going with

    D) All of the above

    Damn red coats invading our currently-CDMA-only-phone forum. Don't make us dump all your GSM Pres into Boston Harbor.
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    As in most humor, it's the truth that makes it funny.

    Today, a colleague left his cellphone at the office on the way to a job at a restaurant. He needed to call me, so as soon as he could, he left the restaurant and drove back to the office to call me from his cellphone. (Yes, he knows my phone number.)

    He never thought to use the restaurant's wire-line phone. Probably forgot about pay-phones too.
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    Better off sticking with texting.....the "phone" part of this thing isn't out of beta yet
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