View Poll Results: Do you embrace PALM's All or nothing approach to contact Synergy?

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  • YES: It's the way of the future

    17 42.50%
  • NO: I prefer a clutter free and tidy contacts list

    19 47.50%
  • NEITHER: I don't sync facebook or google so it doesn't affect me

    4 10.00%
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    So I have yet to Sync Facebook because I hate the all or nothing approach
    and i'm constantly deleting Google contacts from people i spoke to once when selling something on craigslist!

    I'm not one of "those" desktop syncing people, I embrace the cloud and think it's more or less the future of syncing

    .....but who just can't stand the idea of random (craigslist and others) emails , and passing facebook aquaintances cluttering up your contacts, and who has fully embraced PALM's philosophy?
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    I don't use synergy at all, and I think that's why I'm having such a nice experience with the Pre. Synergy creates a lot of behind the scenes work for the Pre that may cause the lags, short battery life, and overheating I've heard complaints about, not to mention the contacts clutter. All my contacts and calendar entries are in Palm Profile and I collect my pop email manually when I'm ready to read it, so my Pre can rest easy most of the time. I think if synergy was the main reason I bought a Pre I'd be disappointed with it, but it wasn't and I'm not.
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    It can be a pain having every stray contact in the list. As a work around I have one extra contact names Foobar Zcrap that I link all my extraneous contacts to. So all my never going to call them facebook "friends" and rarely used google contacts sit at the end of the contact list but all the contacts I want are synced with the cloud.

    Palm needs to add more filters for contacts so we don't have to manually manipulate our contact lists to keep them clean and easy to use. I'd like to see a don't show on contact list button and the ability to tag/categorize contacts and filter based on the tag/category.
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    It would be fantastic if you could pick and choose which contacts get synced from Facebook/Google/AIM. No matter how much trimming and tidying you do of your lists, there's still going to be people that you are going to have an AIM only friendship with or a FB only friendship with...and don't even get me started on the every-person-you-have-ever-emailed-or-has-emailed-you Gmail sync. I don't need the customer support email from 57 different companies in my phone from the one time they answered a question for me!

    The idea is great, but it just needs refinement. That being said, I embraced it and I just use universal search to contact those I want to contact - I almost never open up the "Contacts" program.
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    If you type in the name of the person you want to call or text then you wont care about how many people are in your contact list because you will never need to scroll through the list...
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    I want to be able choose which list of contacts in facebook I would like to sync. I also would like the ability to sync contacts to other webmail services like yahoo and msn...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dj ozone View Post
    If you type in the name of the person you want to call or text then you wont care about how many people are in your contact list because you will never need to scroll through the list...
    But what if i want to scroll the list, What if i want to "browse" friends to catch up with? That isn't a valid argument.

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