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    So I currently have AT&T and both me and my wife have the Iphone. Our bill is pretty rediculous and realize we need to make a change. Those of you that have used an Iphone, do you think I would be happy with the switch to the Pre. It looks like a beautifully designed phone to me.

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    I think that depends on how much you all were doing with your iPhones. While the Pre's app list is growing, it is light years away from the app catalog Apple has. If you were just using your iPhone as a phone with a few apps every once in a while and for music purposes, then the Pre (or probably a few other phones on Sprint) would serve you just fine. But yes, your bill will be reduced drastically, which is why I can't leave Sprint. Sprint may not have the best phone selection or customer service, but the price with a data plan can't be beat.
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    yep, depends if you want to mess with getting filecoaster installed on your PRE's or not to get easy access to homebrew apps.

    If you wait another month or two, i'm sure there will be plenty of official apps in the Palm catalog, until then, decide how much you really need/use the apps from the iphone store
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    I wouldn't go so far as to say "light years" away with apps. Allot of the homebrew apps (that will make it into the official App Catalog) are meaningful, useful apps. In consideration of the 2-year commitment length, the full-on app store is maybe a month or two away. Certainly it will be full-on before the Pre lands on VZW and there should be an explosion of apps over the next 12 months. Maybe not 65,000 but enough to make it interesting.

    Another big consideration is service. Talk to Sprint subscribers in your area regarding their coverage. You might want to join and post on their forums regarding the same. As far as call quality goes, IMO CDMA (the cellular technology that Sprint and VZW use) is far superior to GSM (AT&T, T-Mobile).

    Keep in mind that the Pre does a pretty good job all's not a master of one (well, maybe notifications). So don't expect an iPod experience from a media standpoint, but it does work well.
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    One Pre to rule them all...
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    My Pre can almost do everything my iPhone can and do it better. The only thing I miss on my iPhone is Slacker radio and the Cycorder app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by turb0rexx View Post
    My Pre can almost do everything my iPhone can and do it better. The only thing I miss on my iPhone is Slacker radio and the Cycorder app.
    Correction to my post above. I was taking about the 3GS. The Pre outperforms the regular 3G in respects to overall experience...IMO
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    So far, my biggest complaint with Sprint is lack of coverage in general, and 100% lack of 3g coverage in my area. Granted, I'm in northcentral PA, but even when I was on Verizon with my 700p, I had EVDO service up here (only about a year, maybe 2 now old however). I would have thought that Sprint would have followed suit and gotten 3g up here. Allwell.
    It's interesting. Both my fiancee and I got the Pre (she wanted the Centro, but BB doesn't carry them any more up here, so she decided to go for it, Yes!) Compared to Verizon, my service went down where I work, while hers went up. She use to have almost no bars, now she's full bars. Depending on which building I'm in... I usually have service, but tends to be low in places Verizon was high.

    Overall, I'm very happy with Sprint so far (2 weeks and counting). As stated, I just with there was 3g coverage.
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    The Pre is expanding, and expanding quickly. Sprint has great service from what I know and it is cheaper. I would play around with the Pre, and check Sprint service in your area and then choose. (I love the Pre, even over the iphone)
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    The best advice is to shell out for 30 days of Sprint service. Use the Pre side by side with your Iphone. Make the decision to port you number or keep it on ATT.

    I like the Pre, but that is the opinion of a proud Pre owner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pogeypetey View Post
    The best advice is to shell out for 30 days of Sprint service. Use the Pre side by side with your Iphone. Make the decision to port you number or keep it on ATT....
    Ditto! That's the best thing to do.
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    But... I love the pre. I also like the iphone a lot. There is one thing missing in the pre that I sincerely wish was there, a compass. "A compass? We don't need to stinking compass!" you say... ?

    Anyway, that's sort of trivial... What about monthly cost of service? How about a 25% discount for being a National PTA member (for $25 annually), and putting $5 into an Alliant Credit Union account? Sounds good.

    So, Everything Data 450 = 69.99... 69.99 - (69.99 * (.25)) discount = $52.4925/month.

    When I attempted to add the proper promo code, I got disconnected... when I chatted online with a sprint rep to verify that the discount had gotten added... the guy who I was speaking with on the phone (with whom I got disconnect), just added the employee discount since he never got the promo code from alliant from me. That's some good customer service.

    How's that AT&T customer service? How's that AT&T reliability? How's the speed? How's that lack of multitasking? How's that supporting a bunch of goddamn elitist hipsters? Wouldn't you rather be a elitist rebel confirming to anti-conformity?
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    Your first and most important priority should be coverage in your area. Most complaints are due to reception. I have 5 phones on my son in San Jose CA great reception! My other son in upper michigan - poor reception. My daughter in Bayamon Puerto Rico - good reception. My wife and I in middle tennessee not so good but acceptable for plan and price. On trips to Florida reception was superior! Customer service for me has been outstanding in the 8 years I have been with sprint..just last week I called CS for an airwave prb and was told I had a 140.00 credit that was applied to this months bill for being a long time outstanding cust I was told...

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