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    Sorry if there's already been a thread for this; I currently can't be bothered to look.

    For the past few hours, whenever I've sent/received a call I cannot hear any audio. According to the people I've tried communicating with, the call came in just fine.

    I thought my Pre was messed up beyond recognition; I had tried soft resetting it a few times, but that didn't fix the problem. It wasn't until I got lazy and decided to put my calls on speakerphone when I realized it was working just fine the entire time. Apparently the only problem was with the earpiece.

    Has anybody else had this problem? I'm planning on taking my phone to Sprint tomorrow, hopefully getting a replacement that will not only fix this audio problem but (if I get a new one) a few scratches on my Pre that have been bugging me. But in the meantime I wanted to gauge the Pre community's reaction to this little snafu of mine.

    For the record, I take excellent care of my phone and I hadn't dropped it, gotten it wet, or anything of the sort immediately before I began having this problem.
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    I've had this problem a few times... twere you listening to audio through the earphones or aux cord in ur car? Plug whatever it was back into the ore and start up pandora or ur music files. Then shut down pandora or whatever it is ur listening to and disconnect the headphones/cord. Should be fine. If thaat doesn't work try plugging in/unplugging the cord a few times...
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    The Pre... Not ore. Damn typos on this small keyboard! Heh
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    I was actually able to get a new (refurb) Pre when I had this problem... I had some minor scratches and they hadn't figured out the problem so they replaced it. Then, it happened again with my new one...Seems that if you just pull out the cord while pandora or music is playing the pre sometimes gets stuck in headset mode and only speaker works for phone calls. I think if I ever feel like I need a new pre again I'll use this method. Heh.
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    Hmm... I was using the music player right before my phone started acting up, so that may be the problem. Only thing is I was never using headpones.

    Currently on the road so I don't have any headpones on-hand (was on my way to the Sprint store). Close enough to home that I can turn around to try it out. While I'd love a new replacement Pre to get rid of the minor scratches on my current one, waiting for an hour+ at Sprint and reconfiguring the new one, losing all my apps and settings along the way does NOT sound fun.
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    Sweet... Took a few tries plugging/unplugging but earpiece works fine again. Thanks a bunch, saved me from quite a hassle.

    That's such a weird error. :P
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    awesome that happened to mine. sprint is sending me a new one lol but ill will be sure to tell them they can keep it lol
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    happen to me a week and a half ago after using headphones for extended period of time. even after trying to plug them pack in and removing them a few times didn't work (speaker phone worked though so i could still make calls).

    ultimately "fixed" it by inadvertently letting phone go completely dead and then as soon as it had a charge again it worked. figured going completely dead may have "turned off" the "turn on" the earphone switch. so maybe taking out the battery might work if it happens again.

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