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    who wants more updates?
    or more apps?
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    I'd say updates over apps. Considering there are homebrews already. And there are a lot of things the pre is missing that I would like to have. Like sound notifications and stuff.
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    I would rather have more updates that fixes the remaining bugs on the pre than to have more apps...

    I would rather my phone be up to par then to have games n such..... home brewers are doing a great job at that stuff for the mean time anyways..

    thats just my opinion.
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    Definitely updates . . . definitely.
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    There are so many missing basic features in the Pre right now. The development manger has to say, "Nothing new until everything so far is fully functional!"

    I understand that many of the new apps will come from third parties so that is not taking away form the Palm development team. I also understand that they have large clients that are demanding certain features for their enterprise use.

    But at some point the Pre needs to catch up with the Treo 600 from 2003.

    Here are the missing basic features from the Tips and Tricks:

    Missing Basic Features
    A number of basic features available on your old Treo, iPhone, or other smart phone are not enabled in the Palm Pre. These are noted here so that you do not search for these familiar features that do not yet exist on the Palm Pre.

    ►The screen keyboard has been found! It is in the webOS.

    ►Undo - You can't undo a mistake in the Pre. On your PC Undo is [Crtl] - [Z], on a Treo press [Menu] - [Z]. When enabled, Undo should be "Press the Gesture Area and Z at the same time." There is no work-around.
    ►Italics - To italicize highlighted text on a PC, press Ctrl - I , on a Treo press Menu - I . When enabled, Italics should be "Press the Gesture Area and I at the same time." There is no work-around.
    ►Bold - To make highlighted text bold on a PC, press Ctrl - B , on a Treo press Menu - B . When enabled, Bold should be "Press the Gesture Area and B at the same time." There is no work-around.
    ►Select All - To select all on a PC, press Ctrl - A , on a Treo press Menu - A . When enabled, Select All should be "Press the Gesture Area and A at the same time."
    ►Copy - You can copy text you are editing (see Typing section) but not text you cannot edit like Internet information.

    Music - Developers are working on fixes.
    ►Slider - The slider bar is enabled for videos but not for music.
    ►Landscape - You can watch videos in landscape mode (sideways) but not music graphics.
    ►Lyrics - On an iPhone, tap the album graphic for lyrics. Pre Lyrics are there but not visible.

    Center Button LED
    The Center Button is not enabled to indicate a call, email, text, etc. but could be!

    ►PDF's - Can't open or save a pdf. Open workaround: Open website on a PC and email the pdf to the Pre.
    ►Flash - Pre can't view Abode Flash graphics. There is no work-around.
    ►Weather Radar - a Homebrew app, WxRad proves that the Pre can show animated radar and full screen!

    ►Landscape mode is not yet enabled but could be easily enabled: Open email and type "RocknRollHax". Nothing displays but now landscape works!
    ►Notification - missing but a Homebrew app, My Notifications lets you change the notification sounds.
    ►Forwarding - not enabled but users have enabled text and email forwarding!
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    I agree. PALM needs to change these things for all Pre users. It would be better for updates.
  7. Jamboaz's Avatar
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    Make as many apps as you want, if core functionality is lacking or buggy, people won't be happy with the device. Unhappy people mean less device sales. Less device sales mean less people getting apps. And that is called a death spiral.
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    Visual voicemail
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    Only 53 people and 90% want updates.. That is pretty overwhelming.. And exactly how i feel..
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    Updates fo shoo.
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    Both. I don't think they can afford to not be releasing both at the same time if they want to win converts and sway people that are on the fence from the other two big players. At a minimum they have to offer all the features an iphone does.

    Besides with my luck they'll only update stuff i don't care about or use, like Avatars on the xbox 360. yipp-f'n-eee!
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    Still running at 90% that say fixing the phone is more important than new apps.

    - Craig
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    I hope Palm is focusing on updates to the core functionality of the Pre. That being said I think this is a bit of a false dichotomy. Surely third parties are the ones that will be focusing on app development. It wouldn't make sense that Palm would be doing that, I mean if that were the case then they wouldn't even have to release the SDK.

    Third Party Palm Pre developers - Apps! We all want more apps!

    Palm - Please keep making this device even better! The better it is the more developers will want to spend their time & resources producing great apps.
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    Updates please! i would like to see the virtual keyboard and a ton of other features enabled!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sillyricky View Post
    Updates please! i would like to see the virtual keyboard and a ton of other features enabled!
    That's a new feature really and hardly needed since it has a real kb.

    I'm more interested in them fixing the ones out already. You name it, it needs work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Milominderbinder View Post
    Still running at 90% that say fixing the phone is more important than new apps.

    - Craig
    For me, the Pre's not broken and doesn't need "fixing". More features are always better, but the phone as it is now works great for my needs.

    Now I want more apps to work with my specific needs. Google Voice was the main thing lacking - and we have that now.
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    I've had the Pre since mid-June and I've finally realized...

    This phone doesn't do anything special. Outside of Synergy (and we can debate how "special" that feature really is), the phone doesn't have one cool feature that my freinds' phones don't have.

    In fact, other phones do so much more.

    Even the Google Maps app on the Pre is years behind other phones.

    Video recording and text message forwarding are the two big items I can think of that should be released ASAP. Just because the iPhone didn't have video for the first two years doesn't mean that Palm should drag it's feet on this one. It should have been on the Pre from day one!

    We need more updates fast!
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    Updates, updates, updates. Fix the broken PDA stuff first. I could not possibly care less about being able to take video clips or use visual voicemail. I do care very much about being able to find data on the phone quickly and simply, like when my next dentist appointment is, without having to know the exact date or where it's stored.
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    Why does it have to be one or the other? It isn't like Palm is making the apps, they just approve them so I say both!
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    Updates, to both software and hardware, are precisely what I'm waiting for before I get the phone. I'm in love with everything it's "supposed" to be able to do, but some more improvement is mandatory. I've tentatively settled on an early October purchase. Even then, I may just look at where the phone's evolution is and make a more firm decision. I'm not expecting perfection, just improvement.
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