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    Ok, I know I've read hundreds of posts about how bad the battery life os on the Pre, but... I was a WinMo Treo user for years, and as much as I used the device, I find I use the Pre at least 20% more. The reason for this is my point about battery life. Let's face it, the more power and PC like abilities these devices have, the more we use them and less the battery will last. Think about it, how long do ya get on your netbook/notebook.

    I know we should get some revolution in batteries at some point, but till then...
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    I understand what you mean. When I am not using my phone very much during the day, I usually have at least 50% battery left by the end of the day. However, when I do use it frequently throughout the day, I have to charge the phone more than once.
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    I am not even making it 4 hrs before less than 50% and that is with GPS, background data off and no email profiles created. what gives?
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    Quote Originally Posted by capnlost View Post
    I am not even making it 4 hrs before less than 50% and that is with GPS, background data off and no email profiles created. what gives?
    Stop running youtube non stop
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    Haven't posted on this in awhile, but I remain convinced that there are really two groups of folks out there (with scattered outliers in both directions, of course): those who get decent battery life out of their Pre (say, averaging a 5%/hour discharge) and those who do not (say, averaging a 10%/hour discharge). I did a poll on this a number of weeks ago, and with a fair number reporting these two groups were just about evenly split.

    After reading numerous posts on the topic, I'm also convinced that the driver here is either some hardware flaw, or (as I'm more inclined to believe) signal quality. If your Pre is constantly hunting for a good signal, then you'll get poor battery life. If not, then you'll get decent battery life. Too many other variables seem to cross into both groups (e.g., GPS on/off, EAS on/off, push email on/off, etc.).

    I mention this only because there seems to be some folks getting decent battery life who aren't convinced that there are other folk who simply aren't. Or, that those folks who are getting poor battery life are either imagining it, using their Pre more than they think they are, using apps that can be expected to draw more battery life (e.g., YouTube), etc.

    As a member of the 10%/hour or greater discharge rate group, I can say that I use my Pre no more than those who claim to get much better than that. I rarely play video or Pandora, etc. I mostly text and check/read email, have no IM client running, etc. I also make only a few short calls during the day.

    And pretty much no matter what I do, if I take my Pre off its Touchstone at 8:00am, I'm getting the <20% battery left warning by 3:00pm at the latest. The only thing I haven't tried is turning off roaming and other tricks, because I figure if that's the "solution," then really it's no solution. I just make sure I have some way to charge my Pre when I'm away from my desk/computer.
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    I have a Seidio 2600 battery, and that thing pretty much solved all my problems. I have a review of it over in the accessories section, with pics!

    For some reason I can't post the link properly.... not sure why..
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    I agree there maybe some battery performance issues, however my point is for those that are on the edge of outright anger at the battery situation. The more smartphones like the Pre and iPhone (I don't think of a BB as a smartphone) allow for computer like functionality, the more like a notebook the batteries will be. I know there will be some great batteries in the future, just for this reason, but until then...we are stuck with a charger for home and a charger for work.
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    It's my hope that there's a fix for signal strength, or, if not, then a CPU scaling or other optimization that will help things out a bit. I'd be okay with the battery life if it would last just a few more hours for me, say until 6:00pm. Otherwise, I don't complain because I realize just how much work this great device is doing, and I'd rather have the functionality than better battery life.
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    I am about 10%/hour. I just got the 1350 seidio battery and I am still in the process of conditioning it. I ahve done a full charge on it, drained it and done another full charge. I am going to repeat this another time or two and then I will see how it fairs.

    However, I get a lot of roaming and low signal strength in the building where I am at, so I am pretty sure that is what is going on.

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