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    My screen was cracked on my pre. I have some pics on it but I can not get it into usb mode to pull them off. What options do I have. My phone is rooted if this helps.
    Any suggestions please add some detail since I am new to this hacking a phone thing.
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    Did you setup your phone to SSH? Using winscp I believe you should be able to access your phones files. So I guess it all depends on how far you went when rooting your pre.
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    yes I believe I have ssh - how can I make winscp work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by blacksuntzu View Post
    yes I believe I have ssh - how can I make winscp work?
    Install winscp if you don't already have it. You need to know your Pre's wifi ip address and the username pw from when you rooted the pre. It will establish a connection over wifi without the need to be in dev mode and you can access all your files. I just jumped in there myself... root/media/internals/photos. You can transfer them right over to the computer.

    Best advice I can give is to follow this video:

    if you have rooted the pre you have accomplished at least the first part of this process. The part you can about required winscp, I am not sure how mugh you have done to your phone to know if it will work, what I can say is that it is helpful to follow these steps so that in the future you can always get to your phone info as long as you have a wifi or evdo conection to your phone.
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    any success. I hope you noticed the video is about theming your Pre, but also if you pay enough attention you see that we are using winscp to change files on the pre with a drag and drop method. This is how you can pull your files off your pre from a wifi connection. Like I said, this is only useful if you got far enough in the root process to actually allow for a connection to be established that way. Hopefully, you did. I am assuming you did.
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    Any way of getting pics if you *didn't* root ur Pre?
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    I was considering attempting to mount the file system over serial (using the USB plugged in + volume up button hold + power on method), but I have yet to investigate further.

    You can try this with an ubuntu live CD and attempt to mount the filesystem

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