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    Someone seriously needs to fix this. A real fix, not some 30 step work around that it riddled with bugs. The Homebrew community will begin to suffer from lack of interest if it continues.
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    I think it's a pretty easy fix by Palm: symbolic link to a folder on the big partition. Wiping out the partitioning scheme altogether probably has other implications.

    I haven't tried to do it, since I haven't run into this problem yet, but I suppose it's possible there could be bugs with this approach. And then you run the risk of a user deleting applications accidentally in USB mode.

    But it seems like it would be pretty easy to implement some sort of scheme that would make everything work properly and give users who need the extra space access to the bigger partition. If we keep getting highly rated 5MB games in the App Catalog, Palm is sure to change it.
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    Perhaps if they made the needed change it would show available storage for media, etc as being lower. Maybe that's why they didn't have this right to begin with. Seeing available storage at less than 6 GB or something out of the box would probably make a bunch of people whine
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    I retract my previous statement. all valid points. i must have been on my man period that day or something. Sorry folks. Also, yes there is no fix as of yet but the post i mentioned does have some valid work arounds that did work for me but they are a pain in the but and not easy by any means. I guess we will all be waiting patiently and getting at each others throats till palm fixes this debauchery that should have never happened in the first place.
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    The solution to the issue already exists in how palm setup the file system. I have personally mirrored the info in several of the previous threads started on this same topic. The way they made the file system they can increase allocated space to any part of it through an update. It is obvious they didn't expect such a huge homebrew scene to happen since the space appears to be large enough to handle most if not all the official catalog apps. Seeing as the payment system is coming this month I would assume they will increase the allocated space.
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    To all the ones that say the error is due to max of storage. I had the same error..however..i could install homebrew apps with no problem. I formatted my phone and started over..and no error
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