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    I love the notifications system on the Pre. I love how I don't have to look at them if I don't want to. Case in point, yesterday I am searching for a church via Sprint Navigation, and I get a text notification.

    I'm busy.

    Notification from Gmail.

    I'm busy.

    Notification from Yahoo.

    I'm busy.

    Incoming call from work.

    Definitely busy.


    Hmmmm.... busy.

    Alarm goes off. Not sure why. Snooze.

    I finally arrive at my destination to play some basketball. It's then that I tap on the notifications and they scroll across the screen. I dismiss the work one with a swipe, check the text, and check my email. Love it.
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    Yup, best part of the phone hands down and why i can't go to another phone anytime soon.
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    Palm really hit it out of the park with the notifications on WebOS. I LOVE being able to deal with notifications when I want to without interrupting what I am doing and without having to dismiss them. If I had an iPhone I would forget about things left and right because you have to acknowledge and deal with notifications right now. I would dismiss them and forget about them, with the Pre I either push them to the notification area or just ignore them and they move to the notification area after a minute or two.

    Just imagine the possibilities for notifications once the apps start pouring into the app catalog.
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    I used to be really apprehensive of getting work email on my phone because I was worried that it would result in me not being able to "keep work at work". At the same time I missed the flexibility of being able to know about and respond to stuff without having to wait till I get to my desk.

    The Pre solves both problems in one fell swoop. I get my work email instantly pushed to my phone (no sound or vibrate ... would be too troublesome at times). With the notification system, I get to know about stuff right away, and then I have the choice to ignore it/defer it until I want to attend to it. If I'm in church or I'm at home taking a nap, I don't care who you are, you wait. Flexibility. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. That's why I love my Pre.
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    Oooh, and probably the coolest thing is being able to have only my work emails vibrate, and not my personal email. That way I know when the email is important or if it can wait.
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    I also love it but I wish/hope they put back the text when a new notification comes in. Palm removed that for the latest OS version, unsure why.
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