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    Hello all,
    This problem doesn't always happen, but it happens enough for me to call it common and annoying. I'll login to a website and click "remember me" or "remember this device" and upon revisiting the site I find myself having to reloggin 33-50% of the time. There are only 2 sites I login to, but I get the problem at both websites, facebook (the regular non-mobile version) and bank of america (mobile version). Bank of america I ALWAYS have to retype my name, where as facebook is sometimes really good (all day no login needed) or sometimes eally bad (needing to relogin all day). Has anyone experienced a similar issue, I'm not accidentally clearing cookies either. At first I thought I traced it to times where I login to facebook on another device (my computer) but now it happens without me logging on another device. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I have the exact same problem. It is uber-annoying.
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