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    So i'm not sure what the issue is, but I do not have even close to 85 apps, and get the not enough memory when installing official apps from the app catalog. Any ideas?
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    I have about 40 and get the same message.

    I only have 4 songs stored in my pre. It is essentially stock with the exception of the 40 apps.
    I have 7.0 gigs memory available . If anyone can help i would appreciate it.
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    The question is, do you have Classic and many PalmOS apps installed?

    After some back and forth with MotionApps, I found out that all the Classic PalmOS apps and all related pdb files (e.g. books in iSilo) are stored in the same place as the other apps on the Pre. This is probably the major cause of the "app space" errors so many people are getting. They recommended that I clear space by moving pdb files to the "virtual SD card" in Classic. Unfortunately, that causes an error (blue screen) when you try to read those books in iSilo, so you can't read them anymore (might as well delete them). By moving a couple really big files and leaving the rest on the "internal" drive, I was able to download more apps with no more "out of space" errors.

    MotionApps told me they are releasing ("soon") a new version of Classic that will store all of the PalmOS apps and their supporting pdb files in a different folder than the other apps. Then we'll be able to keep all the pdb files on the "Internal" drive of Classic without taking up any app space and avoiding the blue screen errors.

    This will be an actual solution to the app space problem for anyone using Classic apps.
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    I do not have classic on my Pre.
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    There are any threads previously posted on this topic. The bottom line is the drive space it allocated to specific folders so a huge chunk of it right now is for the USB drive seen when connected to a pc. The good news is palm designed the file system to modify the sizes of those spaces. The downside is they likely have to ajust the space in an update. Probably an oversight due to unexpected space used by homebrew and the classic app. Space usd by classic can be reduced by moving apps to the virtual memory card in classic (a folder in the USB drive space).
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