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    Here in Canada, we are anticipating the launch of the Pre (with Bell). I am in the process of finding a plan that will suit my needs. Bell offers a 500 megabyte plan, as well as "unlimited" for a higher cost. I am wondering if I'd be able to cut some expenses out by opting for the 500 meg plan.

    Based on your usage, is 500 megs (per month) enough? For you guys in the states with the unlimited plan, are you able to check how much data you are using on a monthly basis?

    I am coming from an HTC Touch Diamond on windows mobile and my data usage has never really gone past 300-400 megs...but the device was slow and clunky so I found that I just never utilized it as much as it was intended. I anticipate that I will do some occasional youtube, frequent push email, google maps, etc. Pandora is not available in Canada but there may be something like this later on.

    What is your take? Thanks for the advise!
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    I used 1.5gb's last month..

    This month, i'm at 700mb's so far with 5 days left.. (been relying on wifi more then sprint..)

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    I would suggest you try the 500 megs plan and if it doesn't work out for you, then go for unlimited plan.

    500 megs is really little, considering how there are many programs out there that uses data.

    I'm at about half a month of usage and I am at 330 megs according to sprint. Most of my data is used mostly by pandora, some web surfing, and a little bit of youtube.

    If tethering is also a possibility for canada users, then that is something to also consider.

    How is pandora not available for canada? Does pandora's website block access to canada users or something?
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    Thanks for the responses thus far.

    The problem with our plans in Canada is that we are locked for three years and it is difficult to change our plans after signing a contract.

    Yes Pandora is blocked to Canadians, similar to Hulu. They detect our IP's. Consider you guys lucky! Not to mention us having to wait this long for our Pre's...
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    From what I understand, overage on Bell is pretty pricey. Should go unlimited and see how you do for a couple of months before you drop it.
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    This thing is so much Fun it's a Data HOG I run around 3 to 5 G per month depending on how much Pandora I use . But man this thing is so easy to look things up and check I'm on the Web a lot.

    Oh and this is with no Tether at all and On WiFi when at home
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    This month I'm at 1200 MB (1.2 GB) so far... By far the highest I've ever gone.. And that's only moderate usage..

    Keep in mind if your not on wifi and palm releases an update like 1.1 that's around 90 MB right there alone.. I'd suggest unlimited just because going over is expensive!
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    500 megs wouldn't last me a month. Last month I hit 8 gigs. Easy it wasn't like I was tethering alot just streaming video (sprint tv other online video feeds)pandora and my normal web pages. I download alot of podcast via prepod too. I kind of feel sorry for canada user for the outrage data plans
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    I do NOT use any Pandora but use Google Maps, Navigation and a lot of web surfing and have averaged about 500-600 megs per month for the last 2 months. However, I use Wi-fi for most of the day (I work from home, so don't have to worry about a commute or about Sprint service at work) and I imagine that all Wi-fi does NOT count towards your plan. So, without Wifi or if I had to commute every day, I imagine my data usage thru Sprint would be MUCH MUCH higher

    Also, one thing to consider: Does Sprint (and will Bell) charge for your OTA WebOS Updates? The last update for 1.1.0 was almost 100 megs! If they charged for that (and I assume they would) and you weren't on Wifi, it would count for almost 20% of your monthly usage!

    hope this helps!

    EDIT: The numbers I gave above were based on the Sprint Site, and therefore only Sprint usage. When I press ##786# of my phone, i get values of 26,309,891 for LIFEDATATX and 71,120,278 for LIFEDATARX. Not really sure what these mean or what the difference between the 2, but if this is the total data I have used, this would say that in less than 2 months, I have used either 26 GIGS or 71 GIGs of total data!!!!!
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    Hmm, I consider my use pretty heavy, and I only used 246.79 MB last month. That also includes some tethering.
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    i used 1.5GB last month. Mainly becasue of streaming internet radio to and from work but also a little web browsing. I stream at 96kbps.
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    Just a side note on this...

    Bell's 500 MB is actually way more than this because they currently have a session cap that appears to be 100KB. So, as of right now, anything you do maxes out at 100KB. This stretches your 500 MB a long way. Also, you should ask your bell dealer about unlimited data for $30, since some people on have been able to get it even though it is no longer listed on bell's site.

    I guess, it is worth noting that the session cap is an "undocumented feature" of bell that could change any time. Have a look in the bell forum on howardforums for more info.
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    The first month I had the Pre I used 1.2 GB of data and last month I used 3.9 GB of data. I use Pandora a lot and stream at 128kbps, the highest possible bit rate. This is in addition to lots of youtube, web surfing and syncing two email accounts.

    500 MB per month would not work very well for me, I think I would get some rather nasty additional charges
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    I'm just under two weeks in and over 700 megs already
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    I had 684 last month and I wouldn't say I use data all that heavily. I stream pandora maybe an hour or two a week tops. I browse the internet some every day. I have a couple of e-mail accounts syncing regularly. I'd go with unlimited if you are even a moderate user, OP.
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    Thanks for the feedback. You all brought up some pretty good points and I have decided to go with unlimited.
    Hopefully there will be some work-around for pandora in canada soon
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    go a light user and I still managed 200mb in 12 days last month...this month in 5 days im at 32mb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cuspid View Post
    Thanks for the responses thus far.

    The problem with our plans in Canada is that we are locked for three years and it is difficult to change our plans after signing a contract.
    Not sure who told you that but they are WRONG! Three year contract, yes, but you can change your plan at anytime as long as you stay with a data plan. I'm going to go with a 500MB plan at first. See how things go and then move to unlimited if 500MB proves to be too little.
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    650 mb here, and i am almost done. 3 days left. I use WIFI when ever at home or possible. I dont really stream youtube or sprint TV...actually forgot about sprint Tv. I dont really use Pandora that much, but I do download 3 or 4 podcasts and use the web for an hour or so everyday. But yeah 500mb is not enough much is that data plan btw?
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    I got my Pre on Monday and have used 250,594 KB in 5 days. Go unlimited.

    Edit: I don't stream anything and haven't had a chance to watch tv or videos, that is just from e-mail, web surfing and downloading apps.
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