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    My brother wants a PALM PRE, but he wants to buy from best buy... (side note.. i'm selling mine, but he's a new customer so he would be better off buying new..)

    My question is.. Do they charge their own ETF FEE? On Top of SPRINTS?

    I know the little independent dealers do i.e. MOM n POP shops.. but wasnt sure about BEST BUY..
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    I don't believe they do.
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    I don't recall hearing.. I will check my receipt when I get home and let you know to see if it says something
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    Thanks for the responses so far...
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    some places charge you the $200 from sprint and XX amount if you cancel before their chargeback period, normalll 180 days or so..

    but they do not charge you their own ETF if its after their chargeback period..
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    bump for the night crew....

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