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    I was looking for my songs the other day that itunes put on my device.

    Why did it rename allt eh mp3's to some code name, then place them in a hidden folder on my device?

    Is there a way to have all my music in a folder I choose and keep their names?
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    Yes, you can, the problem thing is then you can't have playlists, which have to be created in an application like iTunes. If you want to just play individual songs or albums, just drag and drop into the folder of your choice.
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    Apple....need more be siad?
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    Just because thats how itunes does it. You can actually take an iPod put it in disk mode and there will be the hidden file there too.
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    something that I noticed today was that iTunes now syncs EVERY song in your library even AAC protected purchased from iTunes.. These songs of course won't play on the Pre so they are just taking up space. Before it would recognize this fact and only copy non-protected music. I guess this is a side effect of Palm changing their vendor ID to mimic an actual iPod so iTunes now syncs all music thinking that it will play. Is there an easy way to sort songs by protected and non-protected in iTunes???? I am having to go through mostly song by song or album by album and check properties before I add them to my sync playlist now.
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    I just finished converting all my protected songs to mp3 last night. Goodbye iTunes. And once all of the iPods in the house finally crap out, goodbye Apple.
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    what did you use?
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    Maybe post this on a iTunes forum. This isn't related to Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JKTex View Post
    Maybe post this on a iTunes forum. This isn't related to Pre.
    pre uses itunes to sync...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dj ozone View Post
    pre uses itunes to sync...
    You are right. It can. But it certainly won't on mine. Just drag and drop as a USB drive or use any of the other non-apple sync options.

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