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    I have a gmail account and a personal work account, both set up as a POP account. Both are having issues today (well the work account has issues periodically, I just remove and reset) and not downloading the message body text, giving the timed out excuse. I have never had a problem with the gmail account until now, it is also not getting all emails. I have gmail set up as manual and the work account set up to get email every hour. Any ideas what is causing this or how to fix it? I am on a wifi connection at home and at my office, but they do not work on EVDO either.
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    I have the same problem with my gmail. It burns the battery so much that even with my phone off half the day I'm ready to recharge at 6pm. Anyone know what's going on? I removed it and have just been checking on web, but its a pain! Thanks!
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    I shut the pre down and rebooted and it appears to be working again. For now.
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    Did you just shut it off and turn it back on again? I shut mine off every day at work and it still hasn't helped. Going to readd it later and see what happens.

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