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    Yesterday while waiting for my car to be serviced I was playing with my new Palm Pre and a notification came up and told me I had been logged out of my Palm profile. I was in a web browser at the time. It ask me if I wanted to log back in which I said yes. It then shut down and rebooted coming back up in factory mode. I had to sign up for all my email accounts again and also lost all my apps. My music and photos were still intact at least. Signing back into Exchange was a little more difficult this time for some reason. Before I just entered email and password and it connected while this time it need mail server info. Anyway ,everything is back now but would love to know why that happened and how to prevent it next time. Thanks for the great website.
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    Bumping this - my phone just did the same thing. I was in Backup at the time, had just pulled up the card, had not tried to actually back up anything. I just lost ALL my text message conversations from June 5th onward. . .
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    Just happened to me while driving, phone re-provisioned itself while I drove. I have data loss in text messages and the like.
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    THis just happened to me this morn.. Everything is lost, except for pics and music.

    Damn this sucks................
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    Same thing happened to me, I lost all my texts and some but not all homebrew apps. Filecoaster and preware are gone also.
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    uh mine did the same thing... :-( i was almost had a heart attack when i saw it in factory state !

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    Glad to know it wasn't just me... I was in the Backup app, making sure I had a late backup before I tried updating to the latest software. Took 40 minutes to re-install everything (question- when it asked you if you wanted to reinstall or restart, did you press "just restart"? 'Cause I did, but it still re-installed everything from scratch. Aargh.).

    Now I can't update to the latest software, after that debacle. I'm loathe to say this, but I'm beginning to hate my Palm Pre. Problem, after problem, after problem, after problem... I gave Apple and the iPhone 2 years before switching, so I guess I can give Palm a little more time, but it's still damn frustrating, all these bugs.

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