View Poll Results: When sending your Pre to Palm for repair, are you;

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  • Receiving your original Pre back repaired.

    0 0%
  • Receiving a new Pre.

    5 25.00%
  • Receiving a different referbished Pre.

    16 80.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by awrnsmn View Post
    As I have been saying, they are considering the loose screen cosmetic, not a defect. I WAS ABLE TO FIX MINE.....WHOO HOOO. It's nice and tight now, no wobble at all!!
    I've got a Pre I love and really don't want to excahnge it - but the screen does wiggle. How did you fix it?
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    I've had 1 pre sent in for repair and 2 replacements through sprint. Each time they have come back with the gap on the left side of the phone that allows the phone to click when pressing on the screen. The first replacement wouldn't even activate. I wish they would send me a NEW phone. It's just so frustrating.
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