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    now there has been lots of talk about not using centro battery in pre. blah blah blah.. i dont think it is that big of a deal anyway I am wondering if there might be some sort of issue as putting the pre battery in my centro as an external charger. i have 3 official pre batteries an i was wondering if i can use my centro as the charger when one dies and i set the other in my pre and am home to do my overnight charge i can only charge one over night so next morning one battery is not fully charged. i really dont want to spend 30 bucks on an external battery charger if you ask me it should be more like 10-15 but whatever.

    so my centro i been using it as my external charger have the back open with phone face down and just been putting dead battery in there while placing the pre on the touch stone and in morning have two fresh batteries. I dont think it should be an issue but for some reason if anyone knows of something that can cause it to catch on fire blow up or just kill the battery let me know... if not then... for those of us who own a centro and have spare batteries we have no need to buy a separate external charger.
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    been doing that for a month now, no problems
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    been doing that for a month now, no problems
    sweetness thanks! i wouldnt think there would be considering its a simple positive and negative to charge the battery but then again i dont know anything behind the science of batteries... none the less your months worth of testing is definite confirmation considering you cant get any better information then proven results...
    so i have been doing this for a month to haha but my results i didnt trust much because i have only needed it to do it twice usually my battery will go the whole day. unless its just a long day i spent on the bike away from everything.
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    No need to worry, the Pre uses essentially the same battery as the Centro with a different label/packaging.

    Centro batteries will work interchangeably with the Pre and are the same capacity.

    if you want an external charger, though it is more of a slow charger as the charge rate is only like 350ma so it takes half a day usually, they are only $6 shipped below. i have two and they work fine with both my original Pre and Centro batteries.

    USB Wall Battery Charger for Palm Centro 690 - eBay (item 250465825419 end time Sep-14-09 01:54:20 PDT)
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    Sell the centro, buy a $6 battery charger, take some friends out to dinner with the rest of money?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bryanharig View Post
    Sell the centro, buy a $6 battery charger, take some friends out to dinner with the rest of money?
    Good plan... but my centro has a broken screen. so it is not worth anything now. its funny the liquid didnt ooz out of the cracks but touch screen does not work so to take advantage of the money i paid for the damn thing i can use it as a paper weight charger hehe. it is actualy really fast might even charge faster then the pre does considering all the radios are turned off on it.

    but the 6 dollar charger sure is an awesome deal

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