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    Ok before I start I know how to connect to my wifi but every time I try to connect it says can not connect invalid user name or password. The crazy thing is I have my diamond on logged in fine with no problem. Please help me if possoble. Thanks in advance
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    Passwords are usually case sensitive. The pre usually defaults the first letter you type in as capitalized....make sure if it isn't supposed to be capitalized then manuallly lower case it....may solve your problem....may not.....hope that helps....
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    To change it to lower case, just hit backspace once.
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    I'm sorry if this is too obvious, but do you have MAC address access enabled on your router? I ask because I've made this mistake several times when trying to add a new device to my wireless network.
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    Mine won't connect to ours because ours only spits out mile-long PW and the pre only will take like 4 characters.

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